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Thursday, May 21, 2009

SYTYCD Freebie - Week 3

Link has expired, but you can find the expanded version of this kit at any of my stores.

Well, my lovely followers, your good luck wishes came true and I made it on to week 3 of SYTYCD at DigiScrapAddicts. I feel so blessed to be playing with some of the biggest names in DigiLand. This week, we were told to pick a Beatles tune and develop a kit around it. Well, after an exhausting couple of days I narrowed it down to an obscure Ringo Starr song, Octopus's Garden. What grabbed me was his story of how he wrote the song. He was apparently eating squid on a ship in some exotic location (gotta love being a rock star) and the sea captain told him how octopus's like to go along the bottom of the ocean and collect shiny things and bring them back to their "garden". Ringo said that was the happiest thing he ever heard, and I have to agree. I was instantly inspired as I pictured my little munchkins under the sea collecting shiny things with their octopus friend and this week's kit is dedicated to their carefree childhood. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it, it's my favorite kit so far that I've made.

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fleurinettte said...

cara, it's wonderful ! congratulationbs, you've made a really great job, I hope that you will continue the contest !
xoxo fleur