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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Challenge #2

Did I mention that my little girl turns 2 tomorrow? She's such an amazing kid, so bright and happy and still in love with mommy. :) I look forward to many pedicure nights and shopping extravaganzas in our future, but for now I'm happy watching her play mommy with her doll babies. She's so sweet and gentle with them, so I must be doing something right! Here is my 2nd challenge over at Designs in Digital, I took over a dormat challenge that I fell immediately in love with. As you know, my kit Octopus's Garden was based on a Beatles song and it was the most fun I've had designing a kit. So, I jumped onboard to host the Lyrics Challenge and started with (what else?) a Beatles' tune, Here Comes the Sun. The challenge is simple, use the lyrics as inspiration, use a bit or all of them on your layout somewhere and upload to the gallery. DID also does a great Challenge Tracker system where you can earn points towards FREE STUFF! Click here to see the details (hint: you'll need to register there first to see them) Here is my layout using the iconic song:

Credits: Octopus's Garden and Project 365 Template Set 2, both available here.

And here's our DID patriotic team collab available here.

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