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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Crop of Maters and Saturday Singles

Introducing the new crop of Sweet Tomato Scrappers! These girls made it through some brutal cuts, some of the people I didn't take were just amazing scrappers. It broke my heart not to take them, and I had to hand out twice as many I'm sorry emails as I did Join us ones as it was! A 30 person team would have been a bit much. But a giant THANK YOU to all the talent that applied, I am a blessed designer to have that much interest in my designs.

I'm getting some fun stuff ready for a special announcement I have coming up. I'm working very hard behind the scenes to make some exciting things happen this year for Sweet Tomato!

And, if you haven't seen PDP's Saturday Singles bin you need to stop by today, tons of goodies for only a $1. And they have a Saturday Doubles bin with bigger stuff for $2! I also see some CU available. Here's what I've got in there this week! Enjoy.

Journal Set 1

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