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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recommended Reads & A Great Deal

Ok, so I'm going to let you in on a little secret about me. I love anything English, anything mystery, and anything period...in my movies, my books, my DVR. Seriously, if I could travel back in time, I'd be Jane Austen for a day. So imagine my happiness when I found ALL THREE things in not one series of books, but 2! If you are like me then check out the series by Charles Finch and one by Tasha Alexander. They will not disappoint. I've now finished all the current books and am stalking their websites waiting for the next release. Aaaah, the torture.

To help keep me occupied while mourning the completion of that last book, I made this classy 2 page template for you. It's made specifically for Polka Dot Plum's Saturday Singles and will be available for ONE DAY ONLY today for $1. Tomrrow it will go back on my external hard drive and won't be back until I release it as a full set at full price.

And if anyone else knows another series of period English mysteries....please leave me a comment. I'm always on the lookout for new reads.


HighDesertGal said...

Victoria Thompson does a great Gaslight series but it has been set in Victorian New England.
Bruce Alexander has Sir John Fielding and the Bow Street Runners.
I love Jane Austen, too. I have re-read P&P once a year since I was twelve. Hint: that over 40 years...
Joan Aiken has written some great additions to the back stories of Austen's characters.
If you want to go older. The Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters is great especially the books but the DVDs really show how life was. Ellis Peters was alive long enough to supervise the first few DVDs.
Of course there is Anne Perry's Pitt mysteries. His wife is wonderful.
That should give you enough to keep going for awhile.
I'm going to check out your suggestions, too.

Becky said...

Very cute template!

You should really check these authors out:
Stephanie Laurens - the Cynster family series is really good, The Bastion Club series and the Black Cobra Quartet. All are set in regency England and have a mystery of some sort going on in the books.

The other one is Johanna Lindsey - the Mallory family series.

Did you catch Downton Abbey on PBS? That was a great mini-series.

I'll be checking out the two authors you recommended for sure!

Cara said...

These are fantastic suggestions, I'm so excited to dig into new books!!!!!

nikev said...

This may not be the kind of thing you are looking for, but I read the Marcus Didious Falco series. Written by an English lady so it has that English whit... but it's set in Ancient Rome and is about a detective.

meagan43 said...

Maybe while you are waiting, you could host a Jane Austen Tea (I am planning one for my Mom's Club and it is lots of fun to plan). There are tons of ideas on-line on how to do one.

Use Your Words said...

I LOVE Tasha Alexander's series and I'm also eagerly awaiting the next book. Another period/mystery author I've enjoyed is Deanna Raybourn. She writes the Lady Julia Grey novels. There are 4 currently published and 1 forthcoming in June.

If you like Sherlock Holmes, you should check out Laurie King. She writes the Mary Russell series featuring Mary as the assistant of Sherlock Holmes. I'm going to check out your other author now...